Welcome to the site! Due to hosting issues, the site has been down a lot recently and is gradually being rebuilt. In the meantime, this basic home page will provide information about my music and research.



Classical albums:

Emergence (2013)

The Reign (2004); currently unavailable

Lost (2002); currently unavailable

Out of Nothing (2001); currently unavailable

Other genres, released under the name Protest of Reality:

Acquired Taste (2008)

Trash Truck (2003); currently unavailable

Beauty in Apathy (2003); currently unavailable



*Oregon Special Election: January 2018 (Measure 101)*
A ZIP file including a KML (Google Earth) map file, Excel spreadsheet with results, and PDF of metadata for Oregon's January 2018 election is now available here:

*2016 US General Election*

2016 precinct-level results for Oregon and Washington (President and Senate only):
(Google Earth format):
(ESRI Geodatabase format):

2016 precinct-level results for Oregon ballot measures (#94 through #100):
(Google Earth and Excel table):

2016 County Results for All States
Includes ESRI shapefile of county boundaries, Excel table with full results, and Google Earth map files for the following contests (where applicable):

*2012 US Presidential Election*

2012 Precinct results for Oregon:

*Prior US Presidential Elections*

2000-2012 National County Results (Excel):

2000-2012 National County Results (ESRI Shapefiles):

*Geography and Urban Studies*

Master's Thesis: Identifying Regional Centers in Washington County, Oregon (2011)